Grace Among Us

013 - Set Your Sights!

March 09, 2023 Carri Adcock and Ebony C. Gilbert Episode 13
Grace Among Us
013 - Set Your Sights!
Show Notes

In today’s episode of Grace Among Us, Carri and Ebony pivot slightly from directly answering a grace question to discussing our daily walk with God.  We discuss the erroneous expectation that God should just grant us what we want, as if He is our personal assistant. We are equipped daily with the resources we need to thrive, but it is up to us to access those tools and set our sights appropriately.  We dive into past situations that required recalibration of our sights to see what God had for us.  

Here’s a glance at the episode

  1. God is not our personal assistant. We are His.
  2. Who’s in charge? Sometimes we need a reminder!
  3. Set your sights, your perspective. 
  4. Is it my responsibility to show up and access the tools. 
  5. Our perspectives grow and mature with time, as does our faith. 

Thank you so much for joining us today. We hope you're leaving with another pointer to Grace, and a new perspective that will light it up in your own life.  If you enjoyed this episode, please let us know at; we would love to hear your questions, suggestions, and/or comments. Don’t forget to share it with a friend. Also, please be sure to subscribe so you're notified when a new episode is posted. Until next time, be well, be blessed, be bold, and be kind to yourself.

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